Metronet Profile Pictures

Metronet Profile Picture WordPress Plugin

Roughly a month ago, we released a WordPress plugin called Metronet Profile Pictures. We tried several profile WordPress plugins, but the main issue we ran into was inconsistent cropping.

We decided to write a simple WordPress plugin that relied on the WordPress Media Uploader. From there, we could crop the profile images using another WordPress plugin called Post Thumbnail Editor.

How the Plugin Works

Editing a profile using Metronet Profile Picture

User Profile Page

Once the plugin is installed and activated, simply visit your user profile. Click the text that says “Upload or Change Profile Picture” and follow the instructions to upload an image. Once you’re done, set the image as a featured image.

Behind the scenes, the plugin creates a post and attaches an image to that post.

Once you’ve found an appropriate profile image, you can use it as your default avatar, or even output the image in a theme.

For a working example, check out our employee page.

Feedback is Appreciated

The plugin is slowly creeping upwards in downloads, so we’d appreciate any kind of feedback as far as how the plugin works/behaves.